18 May 2008

Explaining meanderings and *persistant* thoughts

Back to your regular programming, folks! Morgan is back to sleeping through again and the couple of good nights' sleep seem to have turned off the random-and-theological button in my head. I'm sure you're breathing a sigh of relief. Strangely, when I'm thinking about this stuff I don't *feel* controversial.

It's late at night that it suddenly comes to me, hey, I probably offended someone. If I did, it wasn't intentional and I think probably came as much from my limited ability to make myself understood as from anything shocking I actually believe. Let's put it this way; some of the other Christians probably think that mutual submission and parents not being absolute ruler is horrifying and unbiblical. Everyone else is probably gasping at the idea of submission or authority in any relationship, and getting quite upset at me being so patriarchal. ;)

Maybe I'm being paranoid and nobody even read the musings - or don't care either way what I think. :) I've started rows over lesser bouts of honest confusion and thinking-out-loud! No promises not to wonder off into the realm of philosophy and faith again though.

On the whole at the moment I'm enjoying the children and dealing patiently with them. I'm still feeling unusually impatient and restless, but mostly not acting like it (which is the important thing for now). I don't think that I'm doing as well as before I was pregnant with Lael, but in the circumstances I'm glad that I'm logically and lovingly being present for these two. And not erupting often when those typical toddler disasters occur.

From the type of disaster most common in our house at the moment I think I need to watch them closer, and that should be easier now I'm getting some sleep (in that I don't want to cry at the thought of having to get up when they dash outside or into another room). I've also quashed the self-doubt about sleep-training in general. Sometimes you just gotta keep on doing what you think is right even when it's hard (and I know that in the long term they teach themselves to sleep through the night without enforced self-soothing, because I've already seen one child do it).

Hmm I know there was more important/interesting stuff to share, but I've forgotten it all. Maybe tomorrow.

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