22 May 2008

Outside living and other things

I've managed to start a bit of a reading spree this week. I've been getting a lot of spare moments with the girls being outside and playing happily together (I have to stick my head outside every few minutes in case the little bobbing sun-hats are up to mischief but generally I have a good warning in the form of them going quiet).

The garden is such a safe place for them to play and I don't mind my plants getting dug up and such things. It's great to have them being so reliant on each other for fun, so I'm doing less of the planned cruise-director stuff which I don't really like. I much prefer for them to come to me and ask, "can we" rather than me going to them with something ready and asying, "now we're going to".

Today I finally got my post-partum period. Which means I was right in thinking I hadn't concieved right away after losing Lael, but means I have a date to count from. Bad for meaning I have a bigger gap than I wanted (again lol) - good for dating accurately without any scans. We're still not actually going to be trying for a baby though, we just want to let things happen. I get too hung up on the dates otherwise; I've even managed to prevent myself from starting to chart again automatically after miscarrying! In the smaller scale of real life it means getting reaquainted with the mooncup and putting up with feeling headachey.

I took the beads and beading tray into the garden for a couple of hours after finishing one book. I'm really on a roll with the making! It must be a reaction to being broke, I want to make some money fast and this is the most practical thing I can think of even though the actual money won't materialise until long after we actually need it.

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