23 May 2008

AF is not my friend right now

I'm struggling with feeling really tired, achey and grumpy. It isn't fair! I haven't had such negative feelings around my monthly cycles for years - probably because I've simply not had to deal with many of them. Anyhow, all of that meant I was actually eager to have some time to myself today rather than missing the children like crazy. The few hours I had didn't feel like long at all though, and here they are making noise and running around singing, and being generally loveable but also driving me potty. Today went far too fast!

Also, my befriending client's cat gave birth under her shed. I didn't get to see any of the kittens, but I did get to see her labouring. In some ways cats are just exactly like humans. She was panting and looking distant, and she growled at me in the clearest "go away and leave me alone" fashion I've ever heard from a cat (and it isn't as if they are difficult to understand on a normal day either). Wise little cat.

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