25 March 2014

Yarn Along - some solid coloured merino knits, for a change

So, on an otherwise pretty stressful day earlier in the week (grumpy toddler induced), I finished the black garter stitch slouchy. :)

And then cast on chevrons (fingerless mittens, without much of a plan except to enjoy using some bright solids, and to evade the horribly delayed second Low Tide which I'm still procrastinating over):

I am also desperately looking forwards to a peaceful few minutes when I can finally make a start on my new book! So far this week I haven't been getting much reading time (but in the evenings Martin and I have managed to watch a couple of the Avengers movies since we're SO behind). We're starting to get some evening time together, and Talia is sleeping longer - but still getting up crazily early of course. *yawn*

Joining in with Ginny and friends again (early, for tomorrow!), for a weekly round up of our knitting and reading. :)


  1. What a luxury it feels to get a few hours of couple only time. And just when you think its maybe for good, they start playing up haha. Enjoy ! And also you are so very productive with your yarn crafts, I have about 4 neglected projects about the place :( Ah well, maybe tomorrow. V xxx

  2. Love the hat and chevron design. Burning the candle at both ends not a good idea and I bet I am now sounding like your mum!

    Sleep ... Sleep ... She says in a hypnotic voice ...

    San xxx


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