14 March 2014

Weird Kid the Fourth

Miss Pickle here brings me the phone almost every day and asks to "phown Gram-ma me" or "phown Ash-ee me". Usually followed by a request for, "Gram-ma take me car?" Already so keen to be off out adventuring without us, hmph.

I love love love this toddler-some business and talking and actually holding conversations with her - albeit really strange ones. I love seeing her blossom into a person I can understand, and watching how her personality reveals itself. She is such a live-wire!

She is extremely attached to all kinds of shoes. Her favourites are her skull-and-crossbones shoes ("Pi-te shoosh!") and her red spotty penguin wellies ("Pengy bootsh!") but really, and shoes are apparently super-exciting. We have more conversations about socks and shoes than almost anything else.

Tilly also loves playing with lego. And the lego box. Especially in the following configuration: empty lego on to nearest floor (bonus points if you can spread it across more than one room), place lego box on head, stretch out hands to prevent running head first in to door post, walk around saying, "da-yek" [Dalek].

She wears most of her clothes inside out at the moment, because she has a case of "me do it SELF!" I'm not sure if people generally think that I'm too distracted to dress her properly, poor little fourth child, or if it's obvious that she dresses herself! That's even when she can be persuaded into clothes. Nine tenths of the time (or more) if we're at home, she's toddling round in the nude - or better yet, naked but wearing boots...

My little Talia, still following along, always trying to keep up with the big ones, adopting their interests, copying their phrases, asserting herself on their space. Littlest sister is very Two. And a very fine Two she is.

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  1. He he! Jude has to wear her wellies to go to sleep.... This is fine, providing we take them off before we go to bed and put them out of reach in the porch. The day that Luke forgot, she climbed into bed with us and kicked him in the back.....


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