13 March 2014

(Things I missed) Brit Sci Fi Round-up

Almost two weeks ago now! The days are flying, actually they have been since January this year, I just cannot believe what a lot we have been fitting in. I have very busy children recently, and with four of them, I am just not keeping up with all the things I think I want and need to do in the week. Generally it's more enjoyable than frustrating though, because I'm just fascinated by how they develop and learn. :)


We took Jenna's friend M who is a HUGE Doctor Who fan, and all five children squeaked with excitement at meeting K9 (both a working model who they got to stroke, the original K9 model who was NOT for touching, and the voice actor who was just the sweetest kindest man and totally made their day by chatting with them).


There were some amazing sounding talks and lectures and demonstrations going on, which I didn't get to see in the end as none of the younger ones wanted to sit (at all). Usually Martin and I would have tag teamed so that we could take it in turns to see something, but it was so busy and we were both anxious about the possibility of losing a child in the crowds.

(Actually, we did lose M and Jenna at one point, as they had gone up to another floor to look at exhibits, and came down to find that we had gone up to look for them. They were very sensible, and went straight to the main desk to put out a call for us.) Before we get out of the car at an event that's likely to be very busy, we Sharpie our mobile phone number on to the children's arms as an extra precaution against wandering. This is the first time we've been OK with Jenna going off without us at something like this, and it was great to see that she and M stuck together and reacted so responsibly when they couldn't track us down immediately. :)


Just the National Space Centre alone is a fascinating place to visit, and there was at least one thing that each child wanted to spend a while trying out or looking at. It's one of those places where really, with children old enough to read the displays, a day is barely long enough and yet at the same time the younger ones don't really have the stamina for so long (especially standing around while the older ones look at displays).

By the end of the day, we were all shattered! We met Cybermen and Cybershades and even a Cyber Queen... Daleks, Davros, an Ood, and a LOT of lovely cosplayers in Doctor costumes (the only one we didn't spot was Nine!) - and costume designers, artists, retro toy collectors, and assorted other brilliant and interesting geeks. :)

In the shop on the way out we bought freeze-dried space food. Surprisingly, everyone liked the peach pieces - but poor exhausted Talia finished the packet.


Our very first convention. But unlikely to be our last!

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  1. We had exactly the same thing happen at an event with Grace - we got separated, so she immediately found a family with children and told them she was lost, and they helped her find the tannoy person who put out a call for us. All good - we were re-united within about 10 mins. What really confused us, was when we then took Grace to the loo, someone said to us "ahh, the little girl who was lost - you can't trust anyone these days can you?" Umm, yes, clearly Grace found people who *were* trustworthy and were able to help her.....


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