12 March 2014

Yarn Along - blanket of doom

Almost exactly a week ago I finished the blanket of doom, and handed it over to my delighted customer. *phew* The edging was a day-long marathon knitting session!

And now, I get to work on sparkly rainbow chevron gorgeousness - yay! This knit definitely classes as a reward for the overwhelming creamness of such a big blanket project. :) And my second attempt on the Giant Turnip is flying along, and working much better than the first attempt! (Though Martin sniggers every time he sees me working on it...)

I have read The House That Cleans Itself. I did a survey yesterday and was asked about books I have bought this year - it requested that I categorise it as fiction or non fiction. I was tempted to say, "fiction". I'm not feeling terribly positive about anything advertising housekeeping proficiency. ;) Apart from that, I've been dipping back in to Connection Parenting, and then mostly reading to-do lists...

Joining in with Ginny and friends for this week's round up of knitting and reading. :)

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