19 March 2014

Yarn Along - rainbow chevrons, and Jan Fortune Wood

So, this week I made this awesomeness from my spun-for-the-purpose rainbow art yarn.

I've still not carved out for myself much reading time, but I've made a start on Winning Parent, Winning Child - so far I'm enjoying it a great deal. As we've been working towards non-coercion for a couple of years now, I'm finding it very pleasing to read something like this and feel comfortable. The ideas are familiar, and fit how we generally live right now. I remember feeling very threatened by writing that suggested parental control wasn't the ideal, once upon a time. I think I still have a way to go, but our lives are getting more peaceful and more cooperative all the time.

Joining in with Ginny and friends. :)


  1. Love you cowl and like the sound of that book, off to look it up......

  2. that cowl is AWESOME!! i am all about the rainbows. and the book sounds interesting, shall add it to my list.

  3. Oh, I love the rainbow yarn, so, so pretty and happy. V xxx


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