21 January 2013

Some Blessings

When the world outside is grey and there is conflict and anxiety builds, I need this list.  Count with me, all the tiny everyday graces.

713.  her Grace - and art materials
714.  two-armed hugs from Talia
715. a first tiny baby tooth
716. new shoots of green pushing through on the park



721. icicles
722. baked apples
723. fresh vegetables
724. fat squashy parcels
725. the smell of mint from the toddler's shampoo


The guy who came to do our gas safety inspection was really pleasant and lovely with the children, chatting away to them and showing them his work.  He was astonished by how they spoke to him, and kept saying how smart and knowledgeable they are.  I was so filled with concerns this morning, and this guy totally reversed my last experience with the council and their contractors.


After two weeks of sibling fighting and bickering, Jenna has been extraordinarily gracious today.  She gifted her favourite sheet of notepaper for Morgan to write on, offered her (begged for) cake to Rowan who didn't like the biscuit she had chosen, and has been so gracious and thoughtful towards them.  It's like a different house today.

The brown slush of the world outside is mitigated by the sparkle of ordinary hedges, the garlands of spider webs, and the perfect spires of clear icicle brilliance over the front door.  And when I return home from the post office with wet cold feet, there is mint tea, a blanket, and my knitting.



  1. What a wonderful way to acknowledge and remember your blessings - and what gorgeous knitting!

    1. Thank you, I had some lovely hand dyed scraps to use up. :)

  2. Beautiful. I need to start my list again. It's the perfect time for it. Thank you for the reminder, dear friend xxx

  3. Well done you, your counting the gifts! I have failed miserably on that one!

    Love the peek into your day.

    san xx

    1. I started in Spring 2011, so nearly two years, but I'm getting close to that first thousand now! I keep my gratitude journal in my bag and although I don't write every day, when I do I write at least ten things at once. :)


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