3 January 2013

Real life snippets

Oh glorious colour!  I realised that indie dyeing is something I am made for.  Sitting in the cinema on New Years' Day, I was absent-mindedly planning yarn colours.

Children playing with advent calender:
Jenna: What's baby Jesus doing up there in the sky?
Morgan:  Flying to the moon!
Rowan:  No, the baby doesn't go up in space, the ALIEN goes up in space.
Jenna: It's an angel.

Morgan with another Kapla construction:

There are stacks of 80s maths text books all up my stairs.  For some reason I live in this strange world where my children think that text books are toys, tests are things you do for fun because you beg and plead to be allowed, and where school uniform is something bought as a rare treat and often worn during holidays.

My clean laundry pile has once more reached the height where it becomes width also, and I am in peril of causing an avalanche as I cross my kitchen.

Book loving, party-dress wearing, messy-haired, crazy-making, beautiful daughter:

Even though my baby is now a toddler, when she falls asleep on my arm, I will go through great contortions to avoid waking her.  I will usually avoid moving.  For all of the hours I spent (and still spend) trying to get out from under babies to Get Stuff Done, I still love having them fall asleep on me.

Looks weird, tastes divine, Cinnamon Roll Cake deliciousness:

Not one single child made it to their stated goal of staying up to watch the fireworks:

Rowan:  This is my favourite EVER book, Mumma!  [waving Usborne children's bird book]  Look!  Skeleton DUCK!
Me:  Hmm?  Yes, a bird skeleton.
Rowan:  And look, little nakey baby birds.  :)  I love little nakey baby birds.  They're so teeny weeny and cute.  Here is a baby penguin too, I think he's going to have mummy milk...
Me:  Baby mammals love their mummy milk.  Baby penguins like sicked-up fish!
Rowan:  Ew.  No they don't, that's yucky.  Baby penguins like mummy milk.
Me:  Mummy penguins don't have mummy milk, but it's OK, because baby penguins eat fish.  Their mummy chews it, and spits it up for them so it's easier to eat.  [finding a Youtube film as evidence...]
Rowan:  *squee*  Look at the baby penguin!  Oh that's OK, it's like kissing.  Aw.  Baby penguins are lov-er-ly.  Can I see nakey baby birds in a nest now?
Me:  Yup, let me... right...  [operating Youtube once more for the sake of the toddler]
Rowan:  You know, mummy, I like this MUCH better, because those pictures don't move.  [gesturing dismissively to much loved book, and proceeding to exclaim with delight over the growing baby birds on Youtube, applauding each one as they fledge]  Yay, you did it!  Clever baby bird, you can fly all by yourself!!  Yay!  You're so brave!

New mixing bowls:

(Yes, that is a tiny skein of yarn on the edge of my sink.  I can't help it.  There is officially yarn *everywhere*.  I promise, I rinsed it well before I used the sink for food-safe stuff.

This creature is such a hilarious baby, and a dear sweet soft love of a thing.  She looks at me with those huge bright twinkling eyes, and I always always laugh and kiss her.  Even when I'm trying to be stern.

This is the first year in Jenna's entire life that we haven't been for a family walk on the 1st of January.  Dratted SPD pain.  :(  Still...  there will be lots of walks...  And lots more colourful weeks...


  1. I'm really enjoying your blog. I love the conversations you relay here. I think kiddy conversations are my most favourite thing on earth.

    And I am with you on yarn colours and generally obsessing over crafty things. Last night I was lying in bed planning doll slings in different fabrics!

    Kendal xx

    1. Isn't it wonderful to find that thing you really want to do "when you grow up"?! :)

      The four of them make me laugh SO much, I just adore listening to them (particularly when they don't think I'm listening)!

  2. This whole post made me smile :)

    Happy new year to you all x x x x

  3. Fab post as usual :) I am SO making that cinnamon roll. It looks LUSH! My lot adore cinnamon. Our stewed apple tonight was dark brown with it ;)

    1. Soo delicious! Cinnamon roll cake is like one huge great giant soft buttery cinnamon roll. Mmm...

  4. Smiles here too.
    Am struggling with SPD pain too so you have my sympathies! Feel better soon mama! xx

    1. I hope it doesn't last. It's a real nuisance, and I'm such a grumpy mama when I'm in pain... Hope you're feeling like your usual self soon. xxx

  5. Yep...grinning lots here too, ah those gorgeous funny girls of yours are just perfect :)
    Oh and I LOVE my beautiful squishy scarf, I wear it even when its not that cold lol :) xx

    1. :D Aw, thanks, it's lovely to think of you wrapped in my stitches. :)

  6. I love this post! It feels like you're smiling all the way through, and those conversations made me giggle. Thank you for a lovely start to my evening. Happy New Year ;0) x

  7. Happy New Year to you and your lovely girls. I'm still really enjoying your blog x

  8. What gorgeous yarn - and lovely tales of precious family time!


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