10 January 2013

A Daybook in the midst of Anxiety and Guests

The anxiety is improved greatly by the guests, rather than the contrary.  It's a joy to have a house full and live in community in some small way for a few days.  And the odds of someone always being on hand to make a cup of tea for a nursing mama are vastly improved.  :)

Outside my window ~ the sky is bright white and the road is misty as if seen through a veil.  The rooftops are grey and all edges are softened.  The white height of Martin's van stands above the deep winter green-grey of the hedge; he is off to work again now after a couple of days of family time.  The glow of the paper stained glass windows still warms the view, even though Christmas is past and finished with for another year.

I am thinking ~ of a long list of jobs that I want to do and am not sure are achievable today.  I'm going to start with making our reminders to hang around the house, Respect, Connect, Reflect.  How I want to speak kindness to my children, to live gentleness, even when my boundaries are tested.

I am thankful ~ for the joy of having friends to stay with us, for hot chocolate, clean dishes, rainbow piles of wooden blocks, and Harry Potter.

In the kitchen ~ fruit bread is proving on the surface, and everything smells of toast and marmalade.  The laundry piles are diminishing slowly, and there are plans for delicious pesto and goats cheese pizza for lunch.

I am wearing ~ a bright flower print skirt, brown tunic, and orange cardigan.  Odd socks that don't make any sense with the rest of my clothing (but they *are* warm and comfy).

I am creating ~ cotton trousers with cables, so so close to being done, just one more repeat of the short rows and a fair bit of sewing waist bands in and grafting stitches!

I am going ~ to the museum activities tomorrow.  We need to go out somewhere this week!  So many plans have been discarded or altered by the assortment of small children and the give and take of sleepless ones and bored ones and ones who just want to finish the book they are reading.

I am reading ~ A Breath of Snow and Ashes.  I haven't started it yet, because I don't have time to be sucked in to obsessive devouring of a book right now.  It's sitting here, tempting me to pick it up, though...

I am hoping ~ we get a letter from the council passing us for the recent home inspection that has so shaken and worried me.

I am looking forward to ~ the day when Talia stops this early morning waking she is doing right now!

Around the house ~ Leanne and Cerys are playing with the giant rainbow swirl puzzle, while Jenna writes a letter to her friend and Morgan watches a film.  Rowan is carefully undoing the work I did this morning reorganising the toy shelves, sweeping things off the shelves and putting them back in disarray.  Talia is clinging to her Daddy's ankles not wanting to let him go off to work as he stands here in his uniform ready.

One of my favourite things ~ is shared meals at the table, and reminding myself of my mother as I leap up to refill drinks and fetch another plate and wipe up a spill.  She served us so graciously in that small way, for so many years, invisibly.

A peek into my day ~



  1. Lovely. I really enjoy these day book posts of yours so I think I will join in also! Thank you for the inspiration! xxx

    1. Thank you for savouring these moments with me, and you're very welcome. :)

  2. I love these peeks into your life, I hope your letter comes soon and puts all your worries and fears to rest.


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