1 December 2008

Woodland Winter Walk

So this is how we spent our Sunday, in the freeezing cold having a nice winter walk with friends. We had a car again just for the weekend, because we were going for a meal in Nottingham with Martin's family on Saturday night (which was actually really lovely and not at all stressful!).

And Sunday found us in Sherwood Forest, wrapped up as warmly as possible. Thanks to Naomi and family for a most wonderful afternoon (even if Morgan did turn a little bit blue in spite of layers and sling and everything).

I don't think Tristan was very happy about having to give the rainbow umbrella back though...


  1. Look how gorgeous and bright the stripes of that beautiful sling look in the Wintery weather :)

  2. We do love our rainbow stripes lol! This Girasol and my Ellaroo La Rae are my favorite wraps of all. :)


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