2 December 2008


Well we don't seem to have any working lights (isn't that traditional?) but up went the tree anyway, and all the other bits and pieces.

Izzy likes the tree very much. But apparently tinsel is not all that edible, even for a strange cat like ours who eats hair bands and bubble wrap...

It just remains for us to take our walk around the nearest woods and gather a bit of greenery. :)


  1. OOh, Lovely, makes me feel all festive. That nativity scene is beautiful, where is it from?

  2. I think it was from Oxfam five years ago! But I'm fairly sure I've seen it online recently. Maybe Great Little Trading Company? I don't think they have it online though, or maybe they sold out... :(

  3. Sorry to gatecrash, but if you go onto GP General discussions, sometime in October I posted a thread asking for links to wooden nativity scene. I think that one is on there twice, somewhere near the end?

    and Sarah - your cat has a very pretty name :)

  4. Gatecrash away hun! :)

    The cat was already named when we got her, and although I agree it is a lovely name I wouldn't have chosen it because any time I mention my friend (teenageearthmummy) hubby looks confused and asks, "this would be T's mummy, NOT the cat?" haha


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