3 December 2008

More home-made decorations

Instructions from Kleas (found via The Crafty Crow). I was really grateful for the inspiration, because I've been looking for such a short sweet simple felting project ever since I got my felting supplies, and the girls are really a bit small to allow anywhere near needle felting...

Poking the wool with blunt instruments...

Finished but very very damp. The children were both a little bit damp too, but that's what comes of giving Jenna a squirty bottle filled with soapy water to wet the projects with - yes I *knew* what would happen, and I still gave her control of the bottle, the joys of neglectful parenting again. :)

In fact today has gone very much to plan (apart from conjunctivitis) and I'm still coping OK being on my own with them again. And we *did* actually make bread, so I feel pretty pleased with myself. Making bread is, perhaps, the benchmark of Coping in my house. This sort of thing used to come easy, and now it feels like work. But it's getting better, I think. I hope.


  1. Love the decorations, they look easy as well! A bit off topic but how do you make the link you're talking about as just a word (in your blog), iygwim? xxx

  2. When you're in post-creating mode, use uour mouse to highlight the word that you want to turn into a link. Click the little link icon in your post toolbar, it's a planet with interlocked rings (and that's a fairly universal symbol for creating a link in other programs too). This brings up a new popup for you to enter the URL. :) xxx

  3. Cool. Thanks hun - I nearly had it! Off to make roasted maple parsnips *yum* xxx

  4. great piccies, lovely decorations.


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