3 December 2008

Another slightly random update

Home made mince pies!

You may *just* be able to see in this picture, Jenna has conjunctivitis. The doctor can't see us for another three days, so no antibiotics for her, and it looks like we're going to miss out on her friend's birthday party on Saturday. It always all comes at once, doesn't it? Morgan has been rubbing *her* eyes today too, further confirming my diagnosis.

The silly thing is, we could be seen today IF we went to the drop-in centre. Which has a lovely big soft play area in the corner and a very horrible crowded waiting room. Now I can stand the waiting room, but there's no way I can keep them both off the play equipment, and it just isn't fair to spread this to all those children. I don't get it - it seems like some mad sort of torture to put a lovely big play area in when chances are most of the children who are in an emergancy waiting area in the first place are probably ill and quite possibly contagious!

Plan for today: Make bread, wet-felt some hanging ornaments for friends, wait in for the post (I'm expecting candles and essential oils, yay).


  1. Breastmilk is supposed to be really good for eye infections. Not tried as not enough milk to do it but apparently it clears it up really well. Poor things, T had a couple of eye infections and getting drops in were a nightmare. We'd manage one lot then she realised they hurt and we couldn't get near her again with them. I just resorted to bathing her eye.

    Hope they're feeling better soon.


  2. Mmmm, mince pies......

    Glad you're feeling better enough to be making bread too - hope the girls' eyes clear up soon.

    The Broken Man

  3. Conjunctivitis is usually one of those conditions doctors in the UK are happy to treat over the phone and provide a prescription for you to pick up the same day you ring. You can also buy chloramphenicol eye drops and lotion at a chemist without prescription. If your daughters are prone to the condition, it's best to keep some in the house ready for the next bout.

    If you want to try a non-pharmaceutical intervention, breast milk is good, so is chickweed tea or poultice or calendula tea or eyebright if it is very bad. Make up a tea with one teaspoon of dried herb to one pint of boiling water. Allow to cool to blood temperature and add about half a tsp of salt so it doesn't sting quite as much. You can get a dropper from Baldwins mailorder to drop the solution in the eyes.

    Never leave conjunctivitis in a small child. Three days is too long to see a doctor. If it doesn't clear up in four days, take them back to the doctor and get them to swap for a bacterial infection.


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