2 December 2008

And this morning....

... we have SNOW!

Yes, and that is our street looking very terraced and grey (once again you can see why I long to live somewhere green). And yes, it is still dark in this picture - the girls had to go and make a snowman before breakfast. And yes, that is Morgan eating snow there. :S What can I say? Sometimes the best parenting runs to benign neglect. ;)

The garden looked beautiful and magical, but apparently was no use for gathering enough snow to do anything with (the garden is also lovingly neglected and the grass is knee deep to a small Morgan) and also was no good for sliding. We finally retreated to eat hot cereal after nearly an hour, when Morgan was turning slowly blue and both girls had soaked their gloves through.

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  1. I am VERY jealous, we have pouring rain here today :(


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