2 July 2007

Two lively children - REALLY lively

Today was library day for story time again. Only I’d forgotten that the library was closed this week, and we arrived to find the doors locked – Jenna was hysterical for ages. I felt awful walking through town and not being able to stop and comfort her properly with Morgan on my front and the rain (oh the rain). We stopped for lunch early and had a big hug, and she soon calmed down for a sandwich (with olives on it lol).

I’m still shattered, mostly down to Morgan waking up PERKY in the early hours. I think we’re missing her best bedtime hour because we like to be up late, so she gets up too early for me. I should “give in” and get an early night but I love being down here with Martin watching CSI and chilling out together – even just listening to music together. :(

And Jenna is still acting like a crazy thing. I can’t figure out what’s causing it, but I know I’m not doing anything differently. I thought I’d got back my balance, was dealing with her properly and respectfully, but she’s still just mad. Maybe she is getting over-tired with our busy days? Some days she wakes up like it though. Ugh. I have days on end when I feel like I can’t connect with her.

She told me this evening, in a rare cuddle, “eyebrows are really really for stroking – you’ve got nice hair here but I have got LITTLE eyebrows.” She’s a nutter.

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