16 July 2007

Garden update

My vegetables are officially NOT doing so well. The lettuces are long gone thanks to chickens and slugs, next year I need to work out a much better protection for them. As far as the chickens go I think perhaps I need a more sturdy method of fencing the area off, I've seen some frames with chicken wire designed for the purpose and I'm thinking of attempting a build... My carrots seem to have gone the same way overnight, and I had thought that at least five or six were doing really well!

The chickens are back to full laying capacity though, so my precious self-sufficiency has done someone some good. I suppose it makes up for all the rain they've been putting up with, and the fact that they are not free range all the time out of trust issues (lol). Oh, and my garden is still managing to produce blackberries (which urgently need harvesting), herbs, and tomatoes (small and green). The courgettes and peppers seem undecided, as does the late planting of potatoes.

Our new swing is getting a lot of use in spite of the continuing rain and is providing great entertainment, I've never heard Morgan laugh so much as the first time I put her in for a ride.

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