12 July 2007

Really positive days, loving the sunshine

Goodness I’m tired. Yesterday was a LONG day in town, we met friends for a drink and did general jobs, and my feet hurt. I bet Jenna’s do too. Her legs were aching too, but that’s growing pains I think as it sometimes wakes her at night. To start with it was tempting to ignore it or tell her that it didn’t hurt her but I soon realised the stupidity of that and take her seriously when she says she’s in pain these days. She likes me to stop walking, sit her up on a handy wall, and massage her legs for her. That seems to keep the pains at bay.

Anyway, off topic. In town Jenna “read” the signs to me on the market hall. Some of them she knew, the word “Eagle” for some reason she recognises. She told me that the new no smoking sign said, “Do Not Be Sad” because her friend Anita who has a market stall tells her to smile. She’s so sweet. I wish I had a tenner for every time I call her sweet – she really is though!

Our swing came, and the baby sign book since I want to improve Morgan’s repertoire of one sign (“drink”). Within an hour (perhaps three repetitions of the sign for “milk”) Morgan started to use it in context. Jenna was curious in spite of strenuously resisting me teaching her any signs before. In ten minutes she had all forty signs from the book committed to memory, and she has been randomly showing people all day. Child-led learning – one, teacher-instigated activities – nil.

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