8 July 2007

Friendships in the house, and nursing is back to normal (eek)

Another resolution to say no a little less, relax more about things that don’t matter, be outdoors as much as possible, cook healthy food for her, and generally do a little better in taking care of Jenna as well as the milk-monster. I never thought that actually having Morgan nursing properly would be such a burden on us. It shouldn’t be.

We have done a lot in the garden today, and the new swing is built – typically it arrived and then the rain prevented us from fixing it up for nearly a week. It looks great out there, and it has been a lot of fun to do again. I’m just so much more easy going when we’re out there. I couldn’t live in a house without an outdoor space again, it makes me a better person lol.

I’m still friends with Jenna, without compromising on feeding Morgan constantly. I’ve just not let myself slip back into nagging again, and I hope it’s as easy to keep up for the rest of the week. Something that has been suggested to us is that she might have blood sugar issues and need to snack more often, and that the behaviour is a result of her being hyper after meals and then whiney when she needs something else. It’s possible I suppose, certainly something that there would be no harm in us testing out.

This evening we had a really lovely moment while I was on here doing this and updating some other stuff. Morgan was playing on the floor when Jenna crawled past her at speed. Morgan dropped her brick and gave chase – and they spent about fifteen minutes just crawling up and down the living room together with Morgan trying to grab Jenna and both of them laughing like little hyenas. It’s nice to see the friendship that they could have one day, that they already have now even though they are so young.

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