7 July 2007

Some little connections and growing up

Jenna has been away for three nights and four days. When my in-laws asked I thought at first that I should talk them out of it, but Jenna usually goes for one night and, well, I kind of assumed she would just ask to come back anyway. But she didn’t and I didn’t – knowing that if she got upset they would bring her back to me right away – and she was fine.

I was pretty pleased to have to much space right now actually. I feel like we have one good day, three bad ones, one terrible one, one good day again… I miss being friends with her. Perhaps it’s just the normal gradual disconnection of a nearly-three year old. Maybe it’s my lack of sleep that makes me think it’s worse than it is.

She is home now, and I think she did miss us because she doesn’t want to leave the house again. She very sweetly suggested that I make pasta when I asked if she’d like to go and get lunch “out” somewhere. And really, she has been angelic all afternoon. We went into town in the end for a short while, to pick up some vegetables from the wholefoods shop and to get a new pan as my smallest one got badly burnt last week. We didn’t get a pan in the end.

Another funny little thing, maybe that I hadn’t noticed her doing before or maybe something she has started this week, she is dancing around a lot. I’ve taken the opportunity to dance around with her, it’s something I’ve been doing while she is gone anyway for the amusement of Morgan.

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