9 July 2007

Counting instead of yelling

Story time today – accompanied by EJ and family (minus Dougie who I think was taking the opportunity to stay in bed). Every time I think “never again” and then sure enough I’m walking down the street with two toddlers running riot, EJ probably feels the same. Jenna is usually so calm on her own (barring perhaps the last few weeks when I’ve struggled on and off).

So I’m counting to get Jenna back within grabbing distance, every few minutes, “In the count of three you need to get back here, one, two, THREE! Thankyou. Right, if I have to keep counting for you then you will have to hold my hand…” Three chances and she’s out, screaming and hollering and dangling on the end of my arm. It’s either play this game with her or lose her, and although I wish there was a better (less nagging) way I know this way is keeping me sane! Actually today I’ve not felt the need to count very often and Jenna has stayed close and listened to me. There has been no enforced hand holding at all. Which makes it a good discipline day.

At the library Morgan was climbing all over Aiden, poor lamb just sitting there letting her get on with it with a confused expression on his face. I feel kinda sorry for him, Morgan is quite strong and won’t stay away from him but he can’t escape her attentions yet. I removed her every time he was looking flustered or any time she went for his face. She does it to any baby she sees, absolutely loves the company, but I don’t want to be the mum whose child is bullying with mum looking on in adoration saying how clever it is. :S

I’ve been a bit mardy with Martin the last day or so… I think I’m just insecure about how much I’ve changed. I’m this person, who is often pretty demanding to live with and has all these schemes and ideas, and I’m not a whole lot like the person he fell in love with and married. And so I expect that when he’s finding me trying (read – too enthusiastic) he must be wanting to stray. There’s more to it than that but not that I care to share lol. I’m sure that my life should be going in a certain direction. And if the person you are travelling with wants something different, what do you do?

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