29 December 2006

The joy of night-time parenting - and a first swim

A quick note in praise of 24 hour parenting. I have discovered a very strange thing this time around, something I was too confused and scared and downright shattered to find out the first time I did this. There is something magical about being awake at night, snuggled close to a tiny velvety newborn person, just the two of you totally immersed in each other and totally utterly in love.

Morgan still sleeps most of the night through, 4-7 hours without fail. But even when she is asleep, I wake to watch her in the darkness. It's like nothing else. We just don't have time to do that in the day; I have started to think that maybe that's another reason newborns are meant to be awake at night. It takes 24 hours a day to get to know this new little life. :)

Today we went swimming, it was Morgan's first time. She loved it, and was totally unfazed by the noise and light and people everywhere. We got almost a full hour in the water, with a brief break just past half time for me to get her out and warm her up before getting back in again! She was a little chilly after 40 minutes in the pool, but she was loving the water so much I didn't want to just get her dressed, so we had two swims.

Jenna spent the whole time diving off to climb on a float, or to jump into a fountain, or to throw a ball, or to go down the slide - and then back to us again to coo over her sister and check that she was still OK.

Looks like Morgan is awake and hungry again, she has just been napping in Jenna's comfort corner. We are just about to pop over to see my Dad (it's his birthday) so it's wrap time for Morgan.

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