14 December 2006

A couple of days later

Well I guess we have to start with where I left off after delivery. That first feed, placing her uncomplaining on the scales, the look on Jenna’s face! Oh heavens, you forget so fast. It is a blur, it went so fast although I know it was a couple of hours before the midwives left us to our babymoon. And even that was something remarkable for us that Martin could stay and the medical professionals were the ones who had to go…

Then that first day after Morgan’s birth. It was bliss! Jenna had gone to spend the day running off energy with the help of my mum, and the three of us were left to just sleep and nest together. Most of that day and night were spent feeding, which Morgan turned out to be very good at. Her latch was perfect, and, well, everything about her was perfect, and we just gazed at her.

The whole of that first two days she didn’t even cry once, making hers needs known with little grimaces and squeaks and gurgles. I was on such a hormonal high I didn’t feel tired. No feelings of guilt, and no down-to-reality, it was all part of the amazing experience of giving birth. We were skin to skin, Mum, Dad, New baby. It felt right.

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