22 December 2006

Connecting, and other first week things

Yesterday the midwives discharged me. When they saw us on the 16th, Morgan’s cord had been off for a couple of days and she’d only lost 100g (some of that being the cord clamp lol, they still used one even though the cord had finished pulsing!). Yesterday she had put it all back on – told you she was feeding well – and I was feeling back to normal.

Today I saw the strangest and most wonderful of things, a sympathetic Health Visitor, who praised me for co-sleeping and told me not to stop! Now there’s a turn up for the books…

I know this babba so well! EC is a breeze, though I’m not catching wee (just letting her be in a nappy without a wrap and changing it the moment it is damp). I’m not actually making any effort at all, and I don’t intend to push myself until a few weeks at least when Morgan is in more of a rhythm. But I know as soon as she wants to poop, I just know. I seem to know what mood she is in, like, all the time. It’s great being so connected to her.

Well it really is about time I mentioned my slings. For trips out, Morgan is in the Diana wrap. Oh I am even more in love with it with a newborn inside. It’s so pretty, and it’s just such a perfect cocoon for her. During the day I’ve been popping Morgan in the ring sling on and off to get things done and to play with Jenna, and twice Morgan has cried and not wanted milk so I’ve put her in the sling then too.

Every time she goes in a sling she stops crying instantly and goes to sleep, it’s like magic. I kind of wish she needed soothing in them more often! She doesn’t seem to mind where she is at all – when I occasionally pop her down on the floor she just lies there wide-eyed looking at stuff until either I pick her up or she falls asleep without fussing. What can you do?

The thing is, I’m ashamed to say, even with such an angelic little girl, Jenna is getting left out. It’s so EASY to have Morgan in my arms, and I just could stare at her all day long. And it isn’t that I don’t feel like that over Jenna any more, but it’s like an addiction, and I know the hormones have a large part of the blame but I should make more of an effort to fight it. Jenna is pretty quiet. She’s loving her sister, if anything TOO much (she won’t let her sleep!) but I kind of miss her and I don’t know how to get back to playing without losing something of the magical connection I have with my tiny Morgan.

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