30 December 2006

Assorted goings on

I keep saying that Morgan doesn't cry. Well she does. It's just that I don't really think of it as crying and it's nothing like my previous experience of babies crying. So when people ask, is she good, etc. I say, "She's a baby. How can a baby be bad?" So they kind of apologise and rephrase. Does she sleep? Does she cry? And I say that she is a very laidback baby and she never cries.

But I'm just not THINKING that she's crying. She does yell when Jenna squeezes too hard. She does fuss if she has to wait for a feed. But I'm not thinking, "The baby is crying again, must stop the crying!" I'm saying, "OK baby, what are you telling me?" It doesn't feel like a one-way me-doing-things-for-her, it's a conversation. It's a relationship.

Plus of course she doesn't cry often. She isn't colicky so far so she has no need to. She is getting what she wants and needs before she even gets to asking a lot of the time!

I have one thing to mention about my darling newborn daughter though, lest I give the impression that all in my life is perfection and bliss. She smells funny. I remember the newborn smell and raving about it. I love the addictive smell of other babies. But Morgan smells of cheese. She really does. *sigh*

Jenna on the other hand smells of coconut, her lovely shampoo. :) She's still being difficult this week, normal toddler stuff like saying NO (and then usually doing what she was told anyway!) and asking the same question over and over. I'm managing to be pretty calm actually, though it's harder to back up what I'm saying with any real enforcement if I'm nursing! Thankfully so far Jenna isn't taking advantage of that to the full. ;)

Oh, also, she's back to settling herself and sleeping through in her own bed. I did think that a lot of her unwillingness to go to sleep without a parent in the room was probably the stress of my pregnancy, but whatever it was upsetting her she is back to normal. In fact, she's the best she has ever been sleep-wise.

She says goodnight and we leave, and she is asleep in seconds without a sound. Though once or twice she has given Martin the runnaround before he actually got her into bed! Those days I had to go up and plonk her in bed myself, with strict words about it being Time For Sleep lol. She takes me seriously even if her Dad sometimes get disrespected!

Edited to add something wonderfully sweet that happened today. Jenna begged to hold Morgan for a moment, and I duly propped Jenna up with a pillow and put Morgan in her arms. Well imediately Morgan started fussing because she had been disturbed! Jenna put her finger in her sister's mouth and said, "Here you go baby, I'm here, it's OK." And Morgan went to sleep. :D

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