15 December 2006

Getting out of the house

It didn’t take long for me to get fed up in the house, I had no idea I’d feel this good this fast. I don’t know if I’ve come down from having her yet, or if I ever will. On day three (13th) I found that I was really getting on at Jenna for stupid things, like a constant “don’t do that, get off her, leave me alone for a moment”. Well, I mean, she’d been with grandparents (voluntarily) on and off for the last two days so it was our first day alone together!

In the end I said, “Right, we’re going out.” Martin had gone to work, so I got all three of us girlies dressed and bundled up, and put on my new wrap for the first time with a baby in it. *grins* It was Morgan’s first time in a nappy too! And out we went on the bus into town to show her off. At least a hundred people commented as I drew level with them, “OH! It’s a BABY!” LOL no, I carry my shopping like this… ;)

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