20 December 2006

On the benefit of experience!

All those little things we learnt with Jenna that have totally changed our experience of this baby… I have to say, to start with, Morgan is a very laid back little person. It helps that I had a much more pleasant pregnancy. And that I had a wonderful, easy, drug free birth. And that I’m so much more confident! I’m only having to learnt what makes Morgan Morgan. Not all the other things you have to learn with a first baby, like how on earth you get a vest on it without breaking its neck.

Actually it is a little bit of a nuisance that Morgan has been sleeping practically through the night since she was three days old. It isn’t that I feel the need to play the martyr and complain about what a tough time I have with my baby not sleeping and being shattered etc. Lol, well I mean this time I don’t at all feel that way! But also I’ve gotten rid of a fair bit of my desire to compete with other mothers. We all do it, mostly accidentally, but being on Ivillage has really made me want to stop it in its tracks, it’s not a nice way to live and it drives friends apart so pointlessly. Who cares how you do things if your baby isn’t suffering? We’re all just human beings trying to make a way in the world. Damn, I digress somewhat.

The problem with Morgan being “easy” is that I can’t put it all down to AP no matter how much I want to. So when friends ask why we’re co-sleeping I have to be 100% honest on the subject and say that we do so because we like having a baby in our bed! Which is socially a total no-no.
People find it easy not to comment on your choices if they think that it is in some way like them – so for example with Jenna we were co-sleeping because we had to in order to get any sleep at all. That’s kind of OK with “The World” because it is about weakness. We-all-do-what-we-have-to-but-thank-god-WE-don’t-have-to-do-THAT sort of thing. Now I have to admit, fully, I just can’t not be this kind of parent. It has nothing to do with what I HAVE to do. Thank goodness my babies like being attached too. :)

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