28 March 2013

Still here...


Updates are lacking not because anything is terribly horribly wrong, but only because we are in that plateau state in between disaster and recovery.  There is no way to bounce back yet, as we still have no further information, so we are stuck with that crazy-making sensation of waiting for the other shoe to drop.  And when it does - if it does - we'll deal with it.  I hate being cryptic, but I don't really have any choice and I *can't* not talk and I *can't* not write.  We are here in this... odd, flat, precarious safe place where nothing drastic is happening and we are just carrying on as if everything were normal.

It's Rowan's birthday next week.  Jenna is going away with my mum just before.  I haven't even started making the required birthday gift for the little person who will be four, nor begun the task of packing for the eldest one.  We're also right in the middle of Passover and Easter stuff.  With the usual craziness that comes from my merrily keeping two sets of feasts that often fall at the same times.  The festival preparations are so grounding and normal and filled with colour and joy, I can't help but be cheered and uplifted.  Perhaps this is part of what the wheel of the year is for, all those little celebrations marked off around the journey to remind us...  Things are changing, we are not stuck, and that there is always reason to glory in the season of life right here and now.

I could really put all of this into far fewer words.  We are all OK.  Really really OK.


  1. I've been thinking about you all, glad all is ok x

  2. Hugs to you whatever is troubling you i pray that a resolution will be reached very soon.

    love to you

    san xx

  3. Easter blessings to you all <3 xx

  4. Yup, that is the basic point of the wheel of the year :-). Hope whatever "it" is, is resolved satisfactorily and goes away! ((Hugs))


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