12 March 2013

My life in projects and crafty things

I stayed upright long enough to do a craft fair on Saturday.  Em and I made a few sales between us, enough for the experience to feel generally worth repeating as well as it being fun to sit and chat to people all day.  My antibiotics were working well enough on my poor mouth for me to be able to talk, but sadly not well enough for me to be able to eat the gloriously pretty cupcakes on the next table.


I brought all my in stock yarn home again with me though.  I didn't expect to sell any yarn, given where we were, but I couldn't resist taking it all anyway.  It looks so pretty together.

This leafy hat is one of my favourite things ever.  Trust me, if I could force Talia to keep it on her stubbornly bare little head, I would keep it.  If I can't bear to be self-pitying about being ill, I will indulge in a big "woe is me" over having a baby who will no longer permit me to put knitwear on her.  It's a crime against nature, that's what it is!

And I added some sweet embroidery to a custom Easter egg, I just couldn't resist the hand dyed sock yarn scraps that I had lying around.  *happy sigh*

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  1. Glad you had something to lift your spirits x


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