15 August 2012

Yarn Along: book love, and hanging on

Oh goodness, well, you know, my level of coherance this week isn't up to deliberately taking pictures of the tiny bits of the many projects that speak to me - or picking just one, in fact.  I posted off another commission, though, and am dyeing more yarn this week.  I'm not really passionate about anything I'm actually working on, it's killing time until something grabs me, or until I get time to do a big gloriously colourful dye session.  I'm looking forwards to starting my next commission though: I've been asked to knit Jupiter.  :)  The yarn is drying as I type.

I *did* start The Night Circus.  I didn't have any knitting that was particularly portable to take to the park.  Once I got past the first three pages, I was hooked, and I devoured half of it in one sitting (and the other half the next day).  It is a beautiful haunting perfection of a book: gothic and playful and bizarre and bitter and addictive and soothing and rich and transporting and clever.
It turned out to be one of those books that I could live in.  And need to re-read straight away.  I adore this book.  It has been a while since I could really rave about something.

I didn't think it would click; the introduction just didn't seem to promise all that much.  Maybe I was in such a funk that nothing *could* click.  I'm not exactly feeling lighter, but I'm functioning again (and reading again, which is quite possibly the same thing where I'm concerned).  I'm so very glad I didn't put this book down before giving it a proper chance.


  1. I know what you mean about not being sure about a book and then really enjoying it.

    Glad that you are feeling brighter and more yourself :)

  2. I have been floundering with books a bit lately (after Game Of Thrones and Southern Vampire Mysteries), but this looks promising. I have just started 'When God Was A Rabbit', have you read it? I am only a little way in but it seems brilliant, in fact the first page had me engrossed. I will definitely be looking at her other stuff too.



  3. It's good to 'hear' you enjoying your reading again. Hope you can find the time to read and enjoy many more books soon.

  4. Haha! You certainly did appear to be utterly devouring that book at the park!

    I agree about a big dye session... My next annual leave for nearly two weeks is in October.... I *really* don't need anything, but it's certainly fun... And we could just say it's for your shop. If you want to give it some thought...... ;)

  5. Its on my to-read list but reading is slow here at the moment!


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