18 August 2012

Portraits (of me by them)

1. What is something mummy always says to you? 
Morgan: "Jenna, bring Tali back!"
Rowan: "I love you, Rowan."

2. What makes mummy happy?
Morgan: Me.
Jenna: Us being happy.  And knitting.
Rowan: I laugh at you when you smile.

3. What makes mummy sad?
Rowan: Tipping your knitting needles out of your bag.
Morgan: When Rowan wees on the floor.
Jenna: Tali getting hurt.

4. How does mummy make you laugh? 
Morgan: When you tell everyone funny things.
Rowan: When you tickle me.
Jenna: Calling Ruby a poo-bag.

5. What was mummy like as a child?
Morgan: I don't know.
Rowan: Swimming!
Jenna: You were cute.  A bit shouty with your brothers.  You had hair the same as mine.

6. How tall is mummy? 
Rowan: BIG!
Jenna: As tall as a baby giraffe.
Morgan: Can you just put the number down, mummy?

7. What is her favorite thing to do?
Morgan: Work.  Work a lot.
Jenna: Knit.
Rowan: I don't know.

8. What does mummy do when you're not around? 
Morgan: On the pomuter.  (Computer.)
Jenna: More knitting!
Rowan: Something you do all day.  You bake tea when I'm not there.  Scrumpled eggs!

9. If mummy becomes famous, what will it be for?
Morgan: I don't know.
Rowan: Singing and dancing.
Jenna: Art.

10. What is mummy really good at? 
Morgan: Painting.
Rowan: Doing some things.
Jenna: Cooking.  Actually, tie-dyeing.

11. What is mummy not very good at? 
Morgan: Don't know.
Jenna:  You're not very good at driving but I've never seen you drive.

12. What does mummy do for a job? 
Morgan: Experiments with Jenna.
Jenna: Look after us.
Rowan: Knitting.

13.What is mummy's favorite food? 
Morgan: Macaroni cheese?
Rowan: Fruit and vegetables.
Jenna: Enchiladas.

14. What makes you proud of mummy? 
Morgan: When you huggle me.
Jenna: Making Talia!

15. If mummy were a cartoon character, who would she be? 
Morgan: Daffy duck.
Jenna: Fairy godmother in Cinderella.
Rowan: Nanny Plum!

16. What do you and mummy do together? 
Morgan: Make some cakes.
Rowan: You feed me mink.  And read me stories.
Jenna: Make things.

17. How are you and mummy the same? 
Jenna: We've both got lots of friends.  And people think I'm you on the phone.
Morgan: We both like going out for walks.
Rowan: We love each other!

18. How are you and mummy different? 
Rowan: I don't know.
Morgan: Cause our hair is different. 
Jenna: You're better at making Tali quiet.  Your hair is darker, kind of tree coloured.

19. How do you know mummy loves you? 
Morgan: You are proud of me and you huggle me a lot.  And you normally say, "I love you".
Rowan: You feed me some of your biscuit.
Jenna: You make things for me, and make me nice cakes on my birthday.

20. What does mummy like most about daddy? 
Morgan: He gets up in the morning.  Well he normally doesn't, but he does.  He makes breakfast for us.
Jenna: That he's funny.  You wouldn't have such wonderful daughters without him!
Rowan: Hugging him.

21. Where is mummy's favorite place to go? 
Morgan: Soft play.
Jenna: Wollaton Hall, I think.  But you also like to go to places where there are trees.


  1. Lol, it's always so interesting to hear how others view you, especially the pure honest of little people. There's a surprising number of knitting comments! ;)

  2. Oh I love this. What a lovely thing to keep note of.
    I love their answers too! :)
    I may have to do this with my little ones. xx

  3. Ok, you are officially supermum if your kids think soft play is your favourite place! Mine are very aware of my barely veiled hatred of soft play!

    1. Morgan has her own strange little way of viewing the world! I detest soft play, and tell them so, but Morgan likes it therefore thinks I must too. ;)


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