3 September 2013

No, really, it could only happen to us...


Yesterday started out as one of those absolutely perfect days. We walked to town and picked up crazy half-price art supplies (oh how we love September for stocking up on art supplies) and when I asked what the girls wanted to do about lunch they all voted for sushi on the park. So we did.


We took the opportunity to pick some elderberries, which we carried home in my cardigan, and turned into chocolate elderberry cake (yum). Unfortunately the day went downhill from there. I went out to top up the electric key, which glitched, preventing me from topping it up. No electric means no phone means no frantic call to the energy supplier to help me sort it out.

I couldn't run any more laundry, but we invited some friends over, did some watercolour painting, played in the garden. We had to wait to sort out the power until Martin got home from work, at which point he had to charge his phone up at my brother's house before we could sort out the electricity.

Then we finally got to admire the shiny new car! And it is, very shiny. Hey, kids, it's late but why don't we go for a night time walk somewhere? We all pile in and head out towards some of our favourite places to walk in the Derbyshire country side.

And Morgan didn't tell anyone she was feeling travel sick. And spewed all over the brand new car.

Seriously. I swear these things only happen to us.

Martin and I looked at each other with that "and this is why we can't have nice things" look.

Going with the theme of making the best of the ludicrously unhelpful, we thanked heaven that I'd packed spare clothes, drank our tea in a nice dark interesting verge, and had a little explore in the dark before heading home to bed.




  1. Oh my darling Sarah, I do so love you and your wonderfully, crazily, gorgeous mini hippies (please, please take that as a compliment, as it most certainly is). I am having a really hard time right now trying to chase that darn *black dog* away, I come here and yes I am sorry but I smiled!!!
    Ps. I hope your lovely new car isn't too pongy :)
    Love and hugs xxx

    1. Haha they are a colourful bunch of characters. <3

      The car is fine now, we gave it a good clean when we got home. Martin wasn't terribly amused when I started laughing about it, I think it'll take him longer to see the funny side!


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