19 September 2013

Atelier box September :)

The children squeal and jump around when the Atelier art studio box arrives, and I snap a quick picture even though in our busy busy day I don't know if we'll get it opened. I love that it prompts me to make time for creativity, even if we haven't done anything else artsy in weeks. I love that they get something new presented to them that I might not have offered, or not have offered now.

Could this month have been any more perfect for Jenna? Last month she had been so obsessed with wire sculpture, and lo and behold beads and wire arrive. This month she has been asking to do some print making and I had put her off! The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hishikawa Moronobu has been one of her favourite pieces of art for such a long time.




I also enjoyed that surprise at their discovery that her design was reversed when printed. Discovery is so magical and meaningful when it just happens like that, I'm kind of glad I didn't get all grown-up on them and explain very much in advance.

As usual, the box came with quality tools to use over and over, and plenty of inspiring ideas for extending the project have occurred to us already. The big glass jars of paint will be favourites for weeks now, just as the shake-and-mix ones were!


  1. These are great Sarah; I'm just off to try and sign up to this for Henry, I'll put your name as referrer if that's ok :)
    Carly x

    1. That's fine, happy to spread the joy. :)


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