26 September 2013

More Unschool-y Writing Down

Yesterday was filled with Little Big Planet and Webkinz, chopping of vegetables for stew, journalling, and some writing of a script for a play they are working on together.


Lots of drawing and colouring and conversations about Greek mythology. Squeezing of orange juice, watching of Octonauts, My Little Ponies, and yoga time for Rowan and I when the older two went for a play date. Drama group for Jenna.

Lots of conversations about politics, what MPs do (or are meant to do), immigration and asylum and justice and law.

Today has been just as busy and interesting. The ingenuity and range of interests amazes me sometimes, these explosions of doing and thinking and figuring things out. First aid and what to do in various disaster scenarios, bandages and splints and slings and how to improvise them. What to do if someone is having a stroke, or a heart attack, or an asthma attack, and how to tell. CPR, the recovery position, how to ask for and get help quickly.

Oil pastels and painting, Paul Klee, light (and dark) in paintings. Henri Matisse and Miffy rabbit and papercuts and Icarus. More script writing, prop (and den) building, and painting of posters. Colour mixing, and how it works differently with dye pigments vs paint colours. I love the rabbit trails of conversation, following the bit that is most interesting to them right here and now.

Belly dancing around the living room (oh my goodness Morgan can do such an impressive figure of eight now!) and lots more listening to music of various genres. The baking of a delicious seasonal crumble including all the rest of the foraged elderberries from the freezer, yum! Stories and fairy towns made from washi tape and colour grading challenges.

I may still be in a bit of a funk, but apart from bickering over craft supplies and dressing up costumes the children all seem to be carrying on as normal!

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