7 September 2013

A little placeholder post with museum pictures...





Not-back-to-school week has been:
New Year festival with apples and honey,
saying, "NO pleeease don't put that worm in the shower with me, it needs to go back outside where it can be happy in the soil!"
and discussing what it means to be a girl,
what it means to be a boy.

Walking, foraging, enjoying the cool nip of Autumn in the air.

Painting and drawing,
reading and reading and
More Ancient Greek myths,
more insects,
and writing the odd letter or two.

Number lines,
My Little Pony houses,
refusing to wear a coat
and walking in the rain.

Museum trips and colour mixing and
talking about vision and
talking a lot in general and
using the spinning wheel and
creating dressing up costumes.

It has been full. And really, it has been absolutely the same in everything except the fine detail. Not-back-to-school means our lives go right on as if school didn't exist, as if our Summer holidays and our Autumn-ing were just one and the same. As they are, in a way.

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