14 January 2012

Still Alive!

No internet for TWO WEEKS, with a newborn baby and lots of pictures and stuff to share and things going around in my head I want to talk about and it's driving me crazy! I'm so sorry if anyone has been worrying about me (I can't even text, all out of phone credit and the car took up my spare money needing repairs again). I should have internet access again late tonight, if my Dad does indeed manage to bring me his old laptop, but if not, well you know I'm still here!

Let's see... We've been rock climbing. We've redecorated one room of the house and sorted out about four bookshelves and a million piles of paperwork and junk. We've registered Tali and she's now official ;) oh and we've had what Social Services are treating as a malicious referral (thanks a lot, neighbour). We've done school-y stuff, surprisingly, and unsurprisingly spent not nearly enough time out of doors. And I have discovered a hitherto unexpected level of competency in getting laundry done (admittedly with the considerable assistance of a new tumble dryer from Martin's sister Alison). I have also cleared up cat poop FOUR times. Bloody cat.

We are all SO well. Tali is growing like crazy. She doesn't fit newborn clothes any more. She is a lovely little pudding who smiles and chats all day long and sleeps all night and has already had her first cold. Rowan is night waking twice a night which is driving her poor daddy potty, has a big eczema flare up, but is taking yet more leaps in talking and sounds like a little adult. Morgan is still serene. Jenna is still feisty. I am feeling very human, and surprisingly capable.

And I'm so looking forwards to catching up with you all soon, and seeing what is going on in your worlds (and sharing baby pictures, of course!). xxx


  1. Happy to hear you are all well & happy...

  2. Hi. I'm glad all is well. I was hoping your lack of presence online was due to lack or internet or computer and not anything more serious. Looking forward to the pictures. H x

  3. i was just thinking about you all yesterday and how all had been quiet for a while.....
    Glad things are ok..... grrrr to nasty reports from neighbour!
    Can't wait to see updated baby pics and I feel for poor Rowan. Kenzie has been having Eczema issues too. he is red raw. what are you using on Rowan. i am trying to find something natural to use but nothing helps him like the steroids.... which i hate putting on him :-(

  4. Thank goodness you are OK, must admit I was wondering and hoping how you were doing.

    As always you turn things around for the good, you go girl!!

    Hugs San xx

  5. Hi Sarah, I have been offline for so long but heard the wonderful news of Talia's birth from a friend. Huge congratulations to you all, such joyful news. Talia is beautiful with a beautiful name too. I look forward to keeping in touch again. Go easy on yourself in these early weeks, I know how big the adjustment to six is.
    Love to you all
    Gina xxx

  6. Glad to hear all is well. Hope you get full internet conectivity soon, unless not having it is the reason for you feeling so much in control of everything else?!

  7. Yah, good to know all is well in your wee world :-)

  8. Glad to hear you are ok (better than ok!) and will look forward to seeing what you have been up to. Xx

  9. Hi Sarah, glad all is well. I hope you got the laptop sorted out, I would freak if mine died, which is possibly a sad admission lol. I emailed your hotmail asking for you address, I have knitted a little thing for Talia, I couldn't help myself, lol.


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