22 January 2012

More procrastinating and excuses!

Well here I still am, with posts in my head and scribbled in journals, and nothing to show for it. We have all been ill, silly coughy cold and flu type thing, typical winter stuff, and thoroughly fed up with it I am too. For the second time in my life I got a sufficient temperature to hallucinate and feel dizzy even when lying down. This is worth taking paracetamol for, if ever anything was. ;) Much better now!

Still coughing a lot though, so we're hanging out at home and I'm on Pinterest again (oops) and bloggers who deliver beautiful lacey trays of tea to *their* sick children are making me feel ever so slightly pathetic. Since my offerings consisted largely of fuzzy felt, sticker books, spoonfuls of honey for the coughs, a lot of junk TV, and instructions to stop whining because honestly I *can* hear you ask for water in a normal voice and I *am* about to give it to you and you didn't even have to wait. I'm not the nursey type of mama. Sorry kids. I try.

I don't even *have* pretty china to bring tea in, so there. And I am aware that I used my very own whiney voice just then.

I still can't find a way to get pictures onto this laptop, until I can borrow or beg a card reader adapty thingy from someone techy. Or buy one, maybe next week after I buy Jenna a new mattress as hers still smells slightly from the time someone wet the bed, and I've been promising that mattress for about a month. When I can get my pictures on here, you know I'm going to flood your news feeds. :) In fact, I have been ordered to by a couple of my friends who are most annoyed to hear that Tali has dared to grow in their absence.

Right, I'm about to feed this lot (minus one, because Jenna had a sleepover last night, the only one of us not to have been even slightly ill) and I promised Rowan I'd give her a massage "in a minute" half an hour ago and we're almost due Talia's nightly grump too. Ah well.


  1. Not sure if you included me in that count of people very eager for photos, but you certainly should! ;) Sorry to hear that you have had lurgies in the house again. Speedy healing to you all.x

  2. From what I saw and heard Jenna was having fun! Lovely to see her briefly this morning. Esther was asking for her after church, but they'd a;read left. H x


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