30 January 2012

A Month

Aha! Pictures! We had a one month birthday here, and weeks of activity and friends and time, and TWO winter cold/flu bugs, and work and play... I've been so busy. Let's play catch-up...
Aww, this baby. I adore her. And I adore squishy cotton nighties. What's not to love?

Random sticking and gluing. Rowan with dry skin. New tactic: offering regular massages with olive oil or sunflower oil, anything to keep her moisturised without stinging that painful skin (bonus - she giggles like crazy the whole time)!
The dolls house getting lots and lots of play. Oh how I love finding the remains of some little game, a wooden penguin in the bath tub, or a pixie in the cradle, or a monkey sitting on the roof! :)
Sisterly adorableness.
Um, and again. Yes they are pretty cute. Sorry, I did warn you I'd do this when I could put up pictures again!
Drawing on a giant paper postage bag. Well, why not?
This toddler pulls her hair in her sleep, teasing it into dreads, just like Jenna did. There is no combing out of these knots - nothing for it but to wash with tons of conditioner.
No idea why they were lying on the floor here. But they were happy!
Overloaded with cute yet? Baby bright eyes to gaze into.
Epiphany celebrations. I feel like we're getting back so kind of groove of doing things with *all* of the children. Time with each apart and together, age-appropriate interesting things to do, you know. Sometimes I think that school-at-home-organised would be easier, would give me more of this stuff and less of the argh-who-to-tend-to-first-quandry. But this is so much more me, and they are all thriving in their own individual ways.
Drawing around each other, random anatomy unschooling. They spent hours on this. I felt rather smug. ;)
And even drawing around tiny Tali. She wasn't all that impressed, but she didn't cry until they were done, bless her.
Lovely sleepy.
Jenna quiet games. It's sometimes really hard on her. She loves playing on her own, but doesn't like being alone. If she stays around us, the little ones try to join in. If she goes upstairs, she gets lonely. I remember being the oldest. It really sucks sometimes.
Winter season table.
Oh gosh isn't Connor such a handsome little boy?
Rowan with her teeny tiny bunny, playing house.
Yep, see, we really have been poorly. Hot sad coughing Morgan. :(
Me in the very very early morning. Things actually are still really good. There is the occasional horrible hour (or two) but actually no bad *days*. I keep saying that, over and over again, because it has totally surprised me. And from the number of times I get asked if I'm SURE I'm REALLY doing OK, everyone else finds it hard to believe too. Four is nowhere near as hard as I thought.
Morgan with a puzzle, feeling much better! Look at that wall behind; every room in the house has been drawn on at some point in the last seven years, and I have finally started to redecorate one room at a time. It's slow progress though, and no doubt the youngest will go through her own stage of trying a quick artistic scribble somewhere I'd rather she didn't... Good grief, I NEVER expected for things to be so normal that I could feed the new baby to sleep on the bed and go off to redecorate the children's rooms. But I have done just that. :)
Dolls house again.
Two little dicky birds!
Everyone loving on Talia. Yeah, they still actually fight over her. Yeah, she seems totally taken with all the fuss anyway. :)
Wrapping up warm. A fair few walks, but mostly short ones, as Rowan often bursts into tears saying she's cold even though she wears a huge number of layers.
"Baby is cold! I will give her a blanky!"
Last one for today, I promise! Talia asleep in an abandoned wrap. One of my very favourite slings (Girasol old rainbow). Gorgeous.
There. All the prettiest bits of the missing month, give or take a few special outings I'll share later. Phew.


  1. Good to see you 'back' lol. Isn't it amazing how similar and yet how different your girls are. Even from photo's which no doubt do no justice really, you can see very different personalities shining out of an old family face (if you know what I mean? I have seen my own face in old black and white photos where the subject has passed away over 50 years ago). No wonder you seem so happy, you must be bursting joy in your little family.

  2. Lovely x
    Good to hear you are feeling good too x

  3. awww look at ya'll! So beautiful :-)

  4. What beautiful pictures and a gorgeous family.

  5. Oooh it's sooooooooo good to see you guys posting again. And such wonderful photos :-)

    Hey are you coming to the GP Camp in June? Clare (Frowstyspink) is organising it.

  6. There can never be too many photo's of your gorgeous family, sarah :)
    Love to you all xx

  7. I missed your pictures. :) Good to have you back Sarah.
    Laura xx

  8. Missing you in blog land - you all look so well and happy, so pleased that the blanket is still going strong :) Much love from me xxx


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