29 July 2014

London in the Summer

We spent the weekend with family in London again. It was blisteringly hot, so the touristy things we'd usually want to do would have been extremely hard work with four small children. We spent most of the weekend playing on the park, running around in the little decked urban garden, and sitting on the front wall watching a brilliant community festival.


It was especially fun to see the little two year old cousins playing together - they're both changing so fast, and this was the first time they could really have a conversation. Toddler conversations are so brilliantly weird.


The day we came home, we made it to the Natural History Museum and managed to catch all the bits we missed last time. We had to re-visit some of the dinosaurs too though, of course. ;)


It was a surprisingly restful weekend, although we're already talking over the things we want to manage to see next time... :)

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  1. We havent taken Oscar to London yet but we want to. We are taking him to Blackpool in September, we will see what he thinks of that lol. The natural history museum is awesome. We spent the whole day in the equivalent in Edinburgh. V xxx


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