11 July 2014

Hobbits Play Date






(That's Talia's head in the corner, not my thumb. ;) )

It feels like a lot of work not to hide away and do nothing, but the Summer is still calling us! I did a quick silk workshop for Hobbits Playgroup, not many toddlers to play this week, but they made some pretty playsilks with food colouring. If I find the energy, I'll throw a tutorial together some day.

In some ways everything is a little lighter. I have been remembering to write a list of positive things every day, apart from that I am plodding on with ordinary attempts at getting to the bottom of laundry mountain... reading lots of stories to my book-obsessed Talia... hearing a fair bit of Stampy's commentary in the background as the bigger kids continue to enjoy all things Minecraft... sweeping popcorn and grit and sandwich crusts and little bits of paper off the kitchen floor... remembering to keep breathing.

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