2 April 2014

Yarn Along - light and dark

I'm working on a crescent shawl using some gradient hand dye that a small child accidentally marked. I'm improvising, and hoping that my maths works out further down the line.


Book-wise I just finished The Magicians and am halfway through The Magician King. These are dark, smart, interesting, twisted, adult books. Distopian fantasy; bitter and wry. Even the cover compares these novels to Harry Potter but really these are grown up Narnia, with more than a passing dig at the allegory and easy answers of that convention. I am thoroughly enjoying them, and I say this as someone who is still extremely attached to my C S Lewis. (Sex and drugs are mentioned more than in passing, so you might not wish to read these aloud to children. ;) )

Joining in with Ginny and friends for a round up of this week's knitting and reading.


  1. Looks like a good start. Are the little purple flecks coming through? I can't see any there, which would suggest that they're not to prominent. What are you going to do with the finished shawl? Will it be for the shop?

  2. This one has almost no flecks because it got badly snagged when I was ball winding and I had to cut out almost 10g of yarn - since it was the bit with most of the dye patches in I figured I'd just leave those bits out and then decide what to do with it when it was knitted up! So this is less than 100g, and has less yellow, but colourwise is almost perfect. Hopefully it won't end up being a write-off shop-wise, even though I do rather love it and am tempted to just do a switch with some personal stash! :D


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