4 April 2014

Tenth Anniversary


A while ago we had concocted a crazy plan to go up to the stone circle on the moors and make fresh vows to each other on our tenth anniversary. Our church wedding was perfect and meaningful to us, and we didn't feel the need to have anything that looked or felt like a repeat of that, and we wanted to be outside somewhere in the cathedral of nature. So although not pagan ourselves, we fixed on a spot that has been spiritually significant for a very long time.

Yesterday, as we drove higher in to the wilds, a white blanket of fog rolled down upon us shrouding the moors in mystery. We couldn't even see the path. Hmm, we thought, maybe best not to go up to the Nine Ladies... There was no way our plans would be wise or safe in those conditions. Instead we took a little trail up into the birch woods until we reached a sheer cliff and a mossy stack of mill stones. It felt right.


Ten years; every possible up and down. Injury, illness, loss of family members, periods of depression and a child in hospital. The year when he almost walked away from our marriage - and the month when I almost let him. Four beautiful healthy happy children, so much learning and loving and living. The best of adventures. Travels and sunshine. We are still in love, and still best friends.


We renewed our vows to the sound track of Talia playing on the Poisson Rouge app (because she kept wanting to run towards the very steep drop nearby). We all got thoroughly muddy and cold and wet. The mist muffled every noise, eerily changing the familiar landscape. It was an exceptionally memorable day. And beautiful, in every way.



  1. 💜💕🍂HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY❤️💚 may your your heRts be filled with love and joy xxx

  2. How beautiful. :)

    And well done to you both.xxx

  3. What a wonderful way to celebrate :)

    Love your pictures.

  4. Just beautiful and in spite of everything you have made it through! Here's to many more crazy, happy years 💐😊

  5. Huge congratulations! Hope the next 60 odd years is just as happy!

  6. Well done and many congrats to you both.and much love to you all, you crazy, lovely, happy, rainbow rabble of familyness, from rainbomama and family xx

  7. You all look wonderful! What a beautiful idea.


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