26 April 2014

Un-Wild Places and Nature Walks

Many of our wanderings are in and around urban housing estates and the city centre. Our walk to the post office takes us past new terraces being built, green-painted metal fences, neatly cut hedges, front gardens overgrown with a profusion of broad green nettle leaves, spider-webbed fences.



Our walk from soft play sling meets back in to town takes us past bluebells growing madly in a tiny patch of soil, corners of wild growing things, fenced in shrubs ringing the blocks of flats. So much beauty in the seed head of a dandelion and the glory of butterfly bushes left to assume sprawling tree forms where abandoned buildings slowly decompose.

Nature does always find its way, somehow.

There is always something to stop and examine, always a new plant to learn, a new creature to observe. Snails on a wall. A sprinkling of cherry blossom. Puddles to splash in. A leaf boat to make. Trailing sprays of bramble escaping across the path to disentangle from our skirts.

We find what wildness we can, right here where we are.

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