6 November 2013

Tales of the week in knitting projects!

Yarn Along day, yippee! :) So, crafting...

I finished Talia's Versa with an added pocket of my own design. I couldn't love it any more, I'm just totally delighted with it. I used my hand dyed dk for the contrast and it worked fine even on the 5mm needles (yay for squishy merino fluff!) and I love how it works with that popping mint green of the Colinette.  I made a little alien bunny creature for the pocket, because how could I not?

Before I cast on the Versa I also made myself a cowl, a very simple pattern and easy to memorise, and it came along quickly and used exactly one skein of Colinette Prism. So that's my Ally Pally festival yarn almost totally used up now (I have two things left, one for something newborn-y for a certain baby Violet, and one for a squishy hat for myself because I only have ONE hat and I need options).


I made a third Versa this week too, but didn't get pictures, a next-size-up lilac sparkle one for the teeny squish who had the first. I actually do love this pattern, and it works up so quickly and nicely every time. It's very economical on the yarn too.

As for reading, well we've been given an old second hand tablet and it's a revelation in the realm of reading in the dark without disturbing hubby. I've read the entirety of the Finley Jayne short story (which fulfilled its promise of annoyingly juvenile language, because of course 18th century young ladies described themselves as "pissed" and went on about men's arses in polite company *sigh*) and also C S Lewis's The Great Divorce (sublime to the ridiculous, I know). Jenna and I just finished the Percy Jackson series and started on The Deathly Hallows (since she had put it off for a while knowing she'd find the increase in violence harder going). I have to say I'm somewhat relieved to be back reading Harry Potter again. :)

I'm feeling in the mood to do some more spinning this week, maybe. It could be an excuse to evade the laundry mountain, of course. ;)

Joining in with Ginny and friends to share our weekly yarn-y goodness.


  1. Hehe, my condenser dryer broke down, it cost £65 second hand but was going to take £55 to repair the broken belt (£12 for the belt, the rest was labor), Duncan ordered a new belt for £6 on Amazon and managed to fit it himself HOORAH, so my point is, I am ALL about the laundry this week.
    You have been very productive knit wise :) I love the little Versa (especially the pocket). Oscar has asked for a rainbow striped balaclava so all other knitting here is suspended until its done. He likes to look at photo's on your blog, I guess your influence is far and wide haha.

    1. Darn appliances! I'm glad it didn't turn out expensive to repair, and I feel your pain on the laundry backing up (and my machine has been working fine haha)! Knitty productivity is likely to result of feeling very tired and grumpy and not getting out much, but it's still good to tick things off the list (and keep my hands busy).

  2. Oh I love that. Well done. I'm tempted to make one for Izzy now xxx

    1. It's a nice knit, I've really enjoyed knitting them. :)

  3. I'll post a fb pic, she looks gorgeous in it, thank you! x

    1. Oh I'm so pleased! I tried it on teeny Tilly before posting, and she could squeeze in to it fine so I do hope it will fit for a while. :) :)

  4. Love the bunny peeking out.
    Gorgeous squishy cowl too x


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