26 November 2013

Fluff to Yarn (plus more mama fails)

Wildcraft Cosmos BFL, 200g of the stuff, from the lovely Ashleigh who likes to keep me well supplied with fluff to spin. :) :)
In spite of that photograph, there was really SO much blue in it - I expected a very blue yarn, with little bits of pinks, purples, and brown/yellow.


Shortage of bobbins and lack of a Lazy Kate require me to ball wind the singles after the twist has been left to go stale overnight. Then I can ply from the balls, no bobbins spinning and whirling across the floor, and no family member required to hold the bobbins threaded onto a large knitting needle for me while I work!


I plied it on my birthday, and have yet to decide what to do with it.

The start of this week has been exhausting. I helped the girls put on a party for Doctor Who Club, and after foraging cake out of the bin (AGAIN! I mean, seriously, is there a way to lock my kitchen dustbin?!) Talia was sick all night. Today I am just back to feeling like I'm failing all of the things all of the time.

Rescue plan: a cup of tea, a good book, and somebody else being in charge of the living room tidy up. I'd add sleep to the list, but...


  1. It's gorgeous fluff and beautiful yarn - maybe something snuggly for the winter, I imagine it would be very cheering on a grey day!


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