29 November 2013

Simple Daybook after illness

Outside my window the sky is turning to dusk. I can see greying brown of roof tops and the rustling green of the hedge as it blows in the icy wind.

I am thinking through shopping lists and plans for crafting, yarn yardages, and what we will have for dinner tonight. Lots of disjointed bits of things that need doing, or finishing.

I am thankful for the changing of the seasons and festival lights. I am thankful for comfort food. Busy children. Birthday gifts. Decorations. And that Martin will be home soon!

In the kitchen chicken stew is simmering. It smells good - I might manage to eat something! There are dishes piled up. So much remains undone when I'm ill. I wish there was a washing-up fairy.

I am wearing my grey dress, with teal leggings. Hair pulled back again, it's long and heavy and I had that urge to cut it all off again today. I don't trust my judgement with scissors when I'm feeling so shaky, otherwise I'd have done it!

I am creating a fat little knitted rainbow cat, mostly. Bits of other things being finished off, and dye work, but mostly plodding away with stripes for the cat. :)

I am wondering why it is that the baby turns into a sad little limpet right when I least want to be touched.

I just finished reading The Bone Season and I don't care what the critics say, I loved it. Fantasy, easy reading, complex alternate reality, escapism; I'm happy.

I am looking forward to a few days of Martin being off work, family time, and chance to get the house in order. I'm also very much looking forward to Advent activities.

One of my favourite things is the frost-smell of early mornings in Winter. It just feels like Christmas.

A few plans for the rest of the week: more Hanukkah lights (in spite of baby trying to smash up the candles), decorating the house, a birthday party, finishing advent plans, and more rainbow stripe knitting.

A peek into my day...




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  1. Hope you are feeling better now :) and can enjoy your family time.


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