1 October 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook with the smell of Autumn in the air

(So, I wrote this yesterday, but was too busy wrangling small people in the evening to pop the pictures in and edit myself for general coherence. Ah well, it's still a little peek into my Autumnal ordinary beautiful chaotic week.)

Outside my window the sky is all bright white clouds and hints of the brightest blue where the clouds are wind-whipped and light. Yesterday we had full summer again, but today there is a nip in the air. From my back garden, where I went to hang a skein of yarn earlier, the air smells of smoke from a garden fire somewhere near by, and of earth, and of damp grass, and sweet windfall apples.

I am thinking through sort-of maybe plans for more Christmas present makes, but I'm not feeling any sense of urgency yet and I don't have nearly the number of things made up as I had this time last year. I am feeling very much comfortable with the lack of planning, and reckon I might just do some crafty trades during November to make up the lack. :)

I am thankful for the gigantic haul of three bags full of gorgeous tart cooking apples and sweet pears from Ashleigh's parents, whose trees produce more than they can use. It's such fun processing and using good local home-grown free fruit! We had a nice crumble already, and the children made our first batch of apple sauce today (with me doing the peeling and them chopping and cooking).

In the kitchen the slow cooked sweet potato curry is smelling delicious, and the fridge is bursting with fresh vegetables as our weekend meal plans all went out of the window AND our vegetable box arrived today. I will be preparing and freezing some bags of favourite vegetable combinations for stew and ratatouille over the next couple of days.

I am wearing PJs - we did in fact get our planned pyjama day today after such a crazy weekend! Non-matching blue trousers and deep red/pink striped tshirt. Comfortable, if entirely unglamorous. 

I am creating a leafy hat for the shop, right at this moment. I've been dipping in and out of projects a lot this week. Oh and I'm spinning such a gorgeous almost-black yarn right now and dreaming of what I might turn it in to.

I am wondering whether I will get chance to photograph silks tomorrow! The last couple of days have raced by.

I am reading City of Bones. Well, I'm not. I'm about to start. I bought the box set extremely cheaply after reading lots of good reviews, and then saw the very off-putting endorsement by Stephanie Meyer! 

I am looking forward to so many things! I'm looking forwards to walks in the woods and leaf kicking. I'm looking forwards to apple pie (maybe tomorrow). I'm so excited about craft fair plans for the next couple of months. I'm looking forwards to trying some new crafts out really soon. I'm SO looking forwards to sending out my first set of yarn club skeins because I have so so many ideas for colourways. I'm looking forwards to taking a child-free trip with Ashleigh to stroke pretty yarn. :)

I am learning about different kinds of resin, navajo plying, and fibre prep.

Some of my favourite things: Talia saying "peeeeeash" for please. Morgan and Jenna dancing together. Cookies. Rowan coming right up to me just to grin in my face. Peppermint tea. Real beeswax candles.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Dyeing for yarn club (and a very large blanket) as soon as my yarn arrives. Making clay hedgehogs at some point. Museum on Friday. 

A peek into my day:
(Jenna's spinning from earlier today.)

(Making apple sauce.)

(Playing with Musescore.)

(Pulling out an easy fun activity.)


(Gifts from the reenactment event.)

Simple Woman's Daybook

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