22 October 2013

Daybook in a tangle of bracelet kits

Outside my window the roof tops are slick grey-brown and the hedges are glistening with raindrops and the last few webs of the harvest spiders. The garden is swamp-like. We are not venturing out today.

I am thinking that I didn't have nearly enough sleep this week. Month. Year. Lifetime. I am hitting that point in toddlerhood where I can't remember when I last woke up naturally at the end of a night's sleep, rather than in the middle of the night when someone is out of bed.

I am thankful for mint tea.

In the kitchen I haven't cleared up from teatime, but we had Thai green curry with rice. It's the first time the children have all eaten yellow peppers and not complained about them. Baby licked her plate clean, repeating "spicy, SPICY!" over and over - I don't think it was a complaint, either, just a fun new word.

Earlier we had hot cross buns straight out of the oven for our lunch. It was the perfect comfort food for today.

I am wearing pjs: teal trousers and a soft blue long sleeved tshirt with buttons at the front that don't unbutton. I remember buying it as a nursing shirt when my second born came along and being annoyed at not having checked it more carefully! 

I am creating a soft chunky lacy cowl for myself, using that Toscanna Colinette Prism I bought at the knitting and stitching show. Or at least, I will be, once I find the right size knitting needle in my shamefully tangled knitting bag. I did just cast off Morgan's Christmas hat (handspun from art batts, so a very simple textured knit), and I spent the morning pattern editing and laying out graphics and creating listings for some more little knitting kits.

I am going to the museum session on Friday, again, hopefully? That's about it as far as planning goes. It's going to be a chilled home-based week. I might be stir crazy by Thursday but I just don't have the energy for planning anything extra.

I am hoping to get the time to do some batch-cooking tomorrow so that there are easy options in the freezer. I am working my way back towards being more organised with food ingredients and getting the most out of staples.

I am looking forward to the entertainment and chaos of drying yarn club skeins indoors as October turns to rain.

Around the house: Talia is sitting on the arm of the sofa, glitter in her hair and a not-at-all-sleepy cheeky expression on her face. She has two little wooden figures in her hands, small animals. The only one I can see is a goat. They appear to be talking to each other. "Morga, Roo-an, Mor-ga, Roo-an," they say. There is a basket of spilled building blocks spread across some of the living room. And the odd popped kernal of corn that escaped my earlier brief effort to clear them up.

The two biggest girls have been to their Church club tonight, and just poured in through the front door laughing and talking. Neither appears to be wearing their coat any more. I daily find their coats on the floor under the pegs in the hall, and wonder how much harder it is to hang the things up; Jenna's new winter coat is brown tweed, with ruffles, and she just adores it - still, it ends up on the floor just like the ratty blue rain mac she equally disregards!

I am pondering chocolate cake. I feel the need to bake a cake right now. So far, it's the kind of week where cake is absolutely essential.

Some of my favourite things... rainbow puzzles. And popcorn (even if there *is* still a lot of it on the floor). And my Dad coming to the rescue when the week goes badly. And doll houses in which an octopus is having tea with a Sylvanian mouse and Little Red Riding Hood.

A peek into my day...






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