3 October 2013

An Autumn Walk







Some days just start off so badly there is no thinking of any possible reset button that might work. Earlier in the week we had just such a day, with Morgan and Jenna fighting and it all ending up with two ruined dresses and two little girls in tears. Looking at their little heartbroken faces I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry myself, so I sort of did both at once.

When my mum offered to take a couple of children out for a walk, I said "yes" followed quickly by "can we all come?" And so we did.

We played with sycamore spinners and found fairy garlands in the hedgerow (White Bryony). We photographed the leaves turning, found fungus, spotted deadly nightshade, kicked leaves, gathered acorn caps and pine cones, and poked the dirt with a stick.

And it was good.

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  1. Ah yes fighting girls - now that sounds familiar!! Love the last photo great action shot x


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